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LATINA logg – day 10

In the morning we presented the triggers that were really interesting and funny! I think the class has learned allot during this process. Myself, I had never done anything with films, so everything was new for me. After presenting the triggers, we discussed WHY and HOW we teach and learned. I think Tords method with taking up one or two students is good, and it made Joanna share much of her experinces with us. When we discussed in groups later, we had some communications problems, but we tried to change and adjust the discussion so that we all could take part. And I think that is important, you must admit both your learning and your teaching (and group work) to the situation.


LATINA – logg day 8

This day we continued the work with the trigger. We presented our storyboard for the class, and I think it made us understand better what was good, and maybe not so good, with our storyboard. Then we were shown the cameras, and we startet the filming. It was a new experience for me. First of all I learned that there is a lot of work when you make films, even for short films you must have good time. Editing is hard work, and I think you need more than one day.

LATINA logg – day 7

Yesterday we showed the digital story that we made on monday, it was very interesting and funny to se the different results. We also had a very interesting discussion in the morning about the terms INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE and LEARNING. After that, we learned about triggers, and we did start the process with making our own trigger.

LATINA – logg – day 6

Today we experienced how to make a digital story. First, we saw some ex. from China and then Helge showed us how to make our own digital story. After lunch we were divided into groups, each had to make a digital story. My group was with Du Jian and Therese, and we made a digital story on "culture shock". I liked that we were divided into groups after topics, it made it easier to make a common digital story. I think the class as a hole made a big step forward on this day, as we all produced something.


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